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January 2014 – Tour – Snook Islands

I highly recommend a kayaking excursion with Kayak Lake Worth. We kayaked the Snook Islands and saw some birds and an iguana. It was great being out on the water. It was easy to make the arrangements. Thank you Bryce and Emily! New York, NY

July 2013 – Rental – Snook Islands

I called last minute to rent a kayak and an hour later, I was on the water. Bryce was incredibly helpful and the scenery was beautiful. I pulled in 30 minutes early and they were there to met me within 2 minutes. Will be repeating my business with them.  David, West Palm Beach, FL

July 2013 – Full Moon on the Lagoon – Snook Islands

The Full Moon on the Lagoon in July was lovely. Emily and Bryce were extremely friendly, professional, knowledgeable about the habitat, and downright convenient to do business with. We had a great experience, will definitely do it again, and as long time Palm Beach County residents, we appreciate this little gem of an oasis right in our own back yard. Jim, Boynton Beach, FL

July 2013 – Full Moon on the Lagoon – Snook Islands

Thank-you for a wonderful experience! Cruising the Snook Island area was fun and beautiful with the full moon rising in the east. The pit stop was memorable with our birthday toast on mangrove beach. We will be back. Jim, Boynton Beach, FL

July 2013 – Rental – Snook Islands

This was my second outing with Kayak Lake Worth. Emily & Bryce are the best! They are accommodating, punctual, affordable & friendly, what more could you ask for. Thank you both, can’t wait to go again. Diane V, Lake Worth, FL

June 2013 – Full Moon on the Lagoon – Snook Islands

Thoroughly enjoyed our Super Moon kayaking on the Lake Worth Lagoon excursion. My 12 yr. old granddaughter and I were both very new beginners and we were a little nervous with so many experienced kayakers on the same excursion with us. But everyone was incredibly friendly and very helpful. We had a ball. Emily and Bryce made it all as easy as can be. Great fun. Highly Highly Recommend!!!!  Mary, Lake Worth, FL

May 2013 – Rental – Snook Islands

Kayaking with Kayak Lake Worth was a great experience. The owners were accommodating, informative, and very helpful! My three former co-worker and I had a great morning exploring the Snook Islands. Thank you. Diane, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

March 2013 – Eco-Tour – Snook Islands

We had a wonderful time! Rita, Ocean Ridge, FL

March 2013 – Eco-Tour – Snook Islands

We had a wonderful (painless the next day!!) time and will highly recommend your wonderful business. Lynn, Ocean Ridge FL

March 2013 – Rental – Snook Islands

I have my own kayak, but when friends visit we rent from Kayak Lake Worth and tour the Snooks. Their boats are very stable and comfortable, and they make it very easy to arrange everything . A couple of hours meandering through the Snook Islands gives you a chance to get away from the crowds and see birds that are not so common, like the American Oystercatcher. And to think, much of this rich eco-system is the result of ecological restoration that provides habit, protection, and beauty. Thanks to Kayak Lake Worth I can share this special area with my friends. Lynn, Lake Worth FL

February 2013 – Rental – Snook Islands

What do you do when it feels like you have done it all, why you Kayak Lake Worth. At least that is what four friends decided to do, and we had amazing time. Emily and Bryce were fantastic with keeping us up to date on weather and launch times. They promised a wonderful getaway and that’s what we had. Exploring the little islands that dot the shores, home to conch shell residents and graceful birds. Traversing the rocky slopes, knowing that you reached this little island all under your own power. Kayaking on the intercostal was invigorating, feeling the pull of the current, the crashing of the waves. Powering your way through them both, you might notice the workout if you weren’t enjoying it so much. We plan on returning again and bringing a little picnic as it was the only thing missing. Ashley, Delray Beach, FL

January 2013 – Eco-Tour – Snook Islands

My daughter, and I opted for the Snook Island tour one morning during her visit from a cold place. We had perfect sunny, breezy, not too cold, not too hot, weather, so all the makings for a great morning on the water–and that was just what we got. Bryce and Emily do a great job–they were right there to meet us at the Lake Worth Bridge launch site, had kayaks ready to go, quick review of safety and best way to kayak, and we were off. Although both lead the tours, Bryce was our guide that day, and he gave a very interesting history and background on the Lake Worth estuary. There were lots of birds and it was so scenic and serene to be gliding by mangrove islands built and being built and sites on both sides of Lake Worth. After a brief snack stop and chance to stretch our legs, we returned on the inside of the Snook Islands. As Bryce had said in the beginning, information is given on the first half when you’re more out in the waterway, and the return is quiet, unless you have questions. It make for a perfect end to the several hours we were out. This is an activity I would highly recommend. A certain level of fitness is probably needed, especially on days with stronger winds and current than we had. But overall, think most anyone could do this–and it’s a wonderfully different way to see South Florida. Jo Ann, West Palm Beach FL

January 2013 – Rental – Snook Islands

This was a great 2 hour expedition. Plenty of birds and boats and some interesting shoreline. The route from the Snook Islands’ launch takes you alongside a golf course with a wooded boundary towards the water and a number of small mangrove islands. Plenty of nature, but don’t expect ‘wilderness’. Lots of crabs, a large sunning iguana and assorted sea life along with some majestic ospreys, herons, pelicans and ‘tropical’ water birds. The owners, Bryce and Emily were super friendly and helpful. Our 10 year old daughter got a very good workout going solo, our almost 8 year old son joined us in a two seater. Great to combine with some time at the beach, just a couple of minutes away.   NR, Brooklyn NY

December 2012 – Tour – Snook Islands

Thanks for the beautiful pictures on Facebook … and thanks for a great experience! When I left on my plane home, I was reading the brochure you gave me before and during takeoff.  Then I looked out the window and saw the same scene depicted in the brochure photograph – the whole Lagoon was stretching out before me including the 4 Snook Islands and the Lake Worth Bridge. Now I want to kayak around here.   E, Arlington MA

September 2012 – Rental – Snook Islands

We visit the area frequently but had never kayaked there before. Emily was so helpful and watched the wave and weather conditions for us and called us to suggest an earlier departure time to avoid some possible afternoon showers. Hubby and I had a great morning kayaking around the Snook Islands – almost had the lagoon to ourselves, and saw lots of birds and iguanas sunning themselves on the rocks. We stayed at the Omphoy and it was only a 5 min drive over the Lake Worth bridge with free parking nearby. Highly recommend!     Cindy, Michigan

July 2012 – Rental – Snook Islands

Recently my friend and I wanted to go kayaking, so we “Googled” kayaking and up popped Kayak Lake Worth. Since it is a local company, and after reading favorable reviews, we decided to give this company a chance. I liked very much the convenience, price and flexibility of my experience. The couple that operates this company is very friendly, accommodating and professional. This was the first real physical activity I had done for a while and therefore cut the trip a bit short. I telephoned them and they came to drop off site right away. This was a nice outdoor activity and the area was very picturesque. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.     Brian, Lake Worth, Florida                                                                                              

June 2012 Rental – Snook Islands

Thank you guys for providing this fabulous venue to enjoy nature and have a great time alone or with family and friends. I will be having family visiting again from NYC soon and they are already hounding me about wanting to go to Kayak Lake Worth again! See you guys soon!     Mark, Lake Worth, Florida

June 2012 – Rental – Snook Islands

I want to thank you for a delightful time. As the winner of your Earth Day raffle I took my daughter Emily on a tandem kayak trip in the lagoon. We had a great time and are looking forward to using your service again.     Gary, Lake Worth, Florida

March 2012 – Tour – Bingham Islands   

Thanks for the pictures and the links–I am surprised over how many great shots you took. And thank you for the wonderful tour and kayaking instruction. It was a great introduction to kayaking for me, I enjoyed it very much. I got my husband and one of our friends interested in kayaking and in one of your tours.     Pat, New York

March 2012 – Tour – Bingham Islands

It was a perfect day for kayaking. Thank you Ian for the wonderful tour and guidance and for a very enjoyable evening around the lagoon. Oh yes and the pictures made me smile- thanks! Hope to go out around the other islands in the near future. Helene, Lake Worth, Florida

February 2012 – Tour – Bingham Islands

Thanks for an amazing afternoon on the water-what a very special place! And it was made even more special by all the “insider’s” info you provided. Thanks for all the links, and great photos too. Thanks again. Joyce, New York

Jan 2012 – Rental – Bingham Islands

Just want to send you a quick note to let you know how much fun we enjoyed our Kayaking trip last Saturday. We were very impressed with your quick e-mails to any questions we had. Also, your website makes the trip very easy on how to go about renting from your company. Thanks for being there early in the morning on a Saturday setting up 7 kayaks for my family. Overall, it was a great first time experience for us. For sure we will pass your business cards to our friends and family and even our camping customers for future rental. Jose and Barbara, Palm Springs, Florida JAMARTE, LLC. Recreational Camper Rental –

Dec 2011 – Tour – Bingham Islands

During the Christmas holiday 2011, we paddled with Ian for a couple of hours around The Lake Worth Lagoon and loved every minute of it. Ian offers information informally about the ecology, birds, history and wildlife in the area. He also respects the many quiet moments, when all we could hear was the sounds of our paddles and the cries from the blue herons. We are advanced beginners and found the trip very manageable. We saw ospreys, blue herons, colonies of turkey vultures, and our first North American Oyster Catcher! It was wonderful to be out there in the middle of the lagoon on a beautiful day. We are looking forward to our paddling adventure with Ian during out next trip to the area.

Dec 2011 – Rental – North Lake Worth Lagoon

I rented two fishing kayaks for a day. When we got to the dropped off location, the kayaks were unloaded and ready to go. Provided a nice map of the area and tide information. We set a pickup time, but were informed we could call and adjust if we wanted. On time for the pick up. Extremely friendly and helpful. I have rented kayaks from many companies in many different areas. I would say Kayak Lake Worth is among the best for service. I would highly recommend anyone looking for kayaks in Lake Worth look no further. Fishing was great too!!! Liked: Great service, Delivery and pickup, Nice fishing kayaks Rob and Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

Oct 2011 – Tour – Bingham Islands

Thank you for the photos – they are great! Ashley and I had a wonderful time kayaking on on the lake. Seeing all the wildlife from the water and showing us the lovely Lake Worth Lagoon was a real treat. Ashley and Ann, London, England

Sept 2011 – Rental – Bingham Islands

We had a great time this morning! Beautiful day with breeze, some wildlife and just a good time. I highly recommend it!
Marcia, Boca Raton Florida

June 2011 – Tour – Bingham Islands

Thank you so much for a great way to spend a couple of hours with my family. We loved every moment, including the aching muscles as proof of how well we paddled. Your narration, as always, made the trip even better. Love the photos, too. Jenifer, Lake Worth Florida

June 2011 – Tour – Snook Islands

Thank you for showing our guest a wonderful afternoon. She was very complimentary this morning and said you were a great guide. Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast, Lake Worth Florida

June 2011 – Rental – Bingham Islands

Thanks for waiting for us. We had a great time, two thumbs up!! Boca Raton, Florida

May 2011 – Residential Multi-Day Rental

We all had a great time, Please have some wedding cake. 🙂 Lake Clarke Shores, Florida

May 2011 – Rental – Bingham Islands

This was great, so simple to reserve. I can’t believe how peaceful it is back in the cuts. You’re on the ball! Pete and Becky, Boynton Beach, Florida

April 2011 – Tour – Snook Islands

Thank you for an amazing experience. I learned so much that I didn’t know before my tour. What joy to start the day by gliding over the Lake Worth Lagoon and seeing nature and wildlife up close and personal. You truly provide a friendly, educational and pleasurable experience. I would recommend this to local or visitor alike. If you are local you have no excuse not to enjoy what so many wish they had access to everyday like we do! Definitely my first, of many more, kayaking trips to be had. Had a lot of fun, thanks again. Mark P. Lake Worth Florida

April 2011 – Rental – Bingham Islands

I think the kids are actually worn out. We all had a great time. This was one memorable birthday.

April 2011 – Rental – Bingham Islands

This was an amazing trip. It’s so nice to have quality equipment and kayaks to make the experience even more enjoyable. Thanks.

March 2011 – Tour – Snook Islands

We had a wonderful kayak adventure today. My daughter was amazed at how relaxing the tour was, You’re really giving it your all, good things will come your way if you work hard and your large and in charge you go guy!! WINNING!!!!!!!

March 2011 – Tour – Bingham Islands

Getting this kayak tour Gift Certificate has been the best Christmas present ever.

March 2011 – Tour – Bingham Islands

Thanks for the pictures. It was a great day. I cannot thank you enough–hope to do a repeat next year and possibly get my husband to join me.

February 2011 – Tour – Bingham Islands

The Great Blue Heron was magnificent. Lots of wildlife. This area is just a wonderful treasure. Vacationing Guests, Michigan

February 2011 – Tour – Bingham Islands

It was a really delightful trip and adventure!! We both very, very much enjoyed the kayaking and the tour and we agree that you are an excellent guide and a fun companion. We enjoyed all the wildlife that we saw on the trip, and the information you provided about the wildlife and the area was fascinating. My only concern before the trip was whether I would have any difficulty with kayaking for two hours and that proved to be no problem whatsoever – the pace was very gentle and easy and it was a completely relaxing experience. Vacationing Guests, Washington D.C.

January 2011 – Rental – Bingham Islands

What a great trip. We just showed up and everything was ready. After a quick lesson we were off on our adventure. We will tell our friends about Kayak Lake Worth. Boynton Beach, FL

December 2010 – Full 3 Day Rental – Private Residence

Renting was a last minute idea and Kayak Lake Worth came through. They delivered 4 kayaks to my door, carried them and all the gear to the dock and gave us all a lesson in safety and how manage the kayak. We all had a great time!   Palm Beach, FL

October 2010 – Rental – Bingham Islands

You’ll never succeed! your equipment is too new and your life jackets don’t stink. Richard and Fran, Boynton Beach, FL

October 2010 – Rental – Snook Islands

Renting couldn’t be easier and I felt totally comfortable paddling on my own. Ian set me up with a map of the area and had everything ready when I arrived. Dave, Delray Beach, FL

October 2010 – Tour – Bingham Islands

What a great time we had! I will definitely recommend this experience to friends. Thanks so much for introducing us to such a relaxing nature experience, and documenting our trip with your camera. We WILL do it again. Debby and Jeff, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

August 2010 – Tour – Snook Islands Tour

John and I had an amazing kayak trip last night with Ian Esplin of Kayak Lake Worth. Ian did everything from having the kayaks waiting for us at a sandy spot south of the Bryant Park Boat Ramp, providing ice cold bottled water and healthy snacks, and last but not least wonderful pictures of our journey all of which is …included in the very reasonable price of $40/person now through October. All we had to do was stroll over, sit down, and paddle. Ian is very knowledgeable of the wild life and pointed out some beautiful oystercatcher birds resting on one of the islands were we stopped to rest. It was very fitting that as we paddled past the area in front of the Sabal Palm House B&B, romance was in the air–we were able to witness a mating herd of manatee. In shallower waters by the Snook Islands, the effect was quite dramatic with churning waters and flailing flukes and flippers. We were a little concerned and made Ian go first. It was absolutely amazing. We are so happy that we can recommend Kayak Lake Worth to all of our guests. Colleen and John Rinaldi, Sabal Palm Bed and Breakfast Lake Worth, FL

July 2010 – Tour – Bingham Islands

Thanks for a great evening, Ian! Scott and I had a really nice time and we both thought you were an awesome guide. It really was like just kayaking with friends. I give you and A+++! We can’t wait to sign up for the Snook Islands tour. 🙂 Jenny and Scott, Lake Worth, FL

July 2010 – Tour – John’s Island

It’s a Great Time! We thoroughly enjoyed our Kayak tour of the Lake Worth Lagoon Estuary with Kayak Lake Worth last weekend! It was a beautiful summer afternoon. The tour is perfect for bird watching, and marine life sightings. We saw a magnificent Osprey couple, who constantly flew around us while we paddled through the waters around their home – people watching I guess! It is very peaceful to slowly meander around the little islands of mangroves. You feel like you’re many miles away from civilization. Ian, our tour guide, is extremely knowledgeable about the area’s eco-system, wildlife and local history. He narrates the tour with a comfortable conversational quality, all while making sure the paddlers are safe and informed as to how best to navigate the waters. A kayak tour with Kayak Lake Worth is a wonderful way to spend a few hours getting in touch with the lovely Lake Worth Lagoon. Leslie and Steve, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

July 2010 – Tour – Bingham Islands

This tour was amazing and so close to town. Both my husband and I had a wonderful time. We saw a pair of osprey and a 3 foot iguana, anhinga’s and the topper was three dolphin just feet from our kayaks. We’d be happy to recommend Kayak Lake Worth to our friends and anyone visiting us. Valerie and Bret Palm Springs FL