Long-Term Rentals & Delivery

Are you fortunate enough to live right on the Lake Worth Lagoon?

How about in Lake Clark Shores?

On the banks of Lake Osborne?

Then you may be interested in renting our Kayaks or SUPS for use at home. This is the perfect opportunity to make a weekend more enjoyable or a unique way to entertain out-of-town guests.

By special arrangement, we will drop off and pick-up the rented equipment at your house. Rent for the day, the weekend or even a whole week.

All long term rentals come equipped with:

> Kayak or SUP and paddle
> A Class III PFD (Personal Flotation Device) with a whistle
> Instruction
> Weather and tide information

A minimum rental of 4 hours is required and an additional delivery may be applicable for one-way distances in excess of 5 miles.

Call 561.225.8250 or visit the Reservations Page.