About the Snook Islands Natural Area


The Snook Islands Natural Area is an up close and personal look at Palm Beach County’s Snook Islands restoration project.

The Snook Islands exist in an area of the Lake Worth Lagoon that used to be a dead zone, an area so deep and depleted that it couldn’t support any form of life. Thanks to the hard work of the Palm Beach County’s Environment Resource Management Team (ERM), The Snook Islands project has resulted in a return of wildlife that continues to exceed expectations. Hundreds of species of birds and marine life have returned to the area and it is quickly becoming a favorite spot for Manatees.

The Snook Islands oyster beds play a huge role in cleaning up the Lake Worth lagoon by filtering water through their system. As you paddle past the beds, the oysters perform a water show only nature can provide. Under the right conditions, Kayaking allows you to get close enough to see the oysters filtering the lagoon water. Tidal currents filter through the islands as native and migratory animals and wildlife inhabit the sand bars and shallow waterways around them. Schools of fish break the surface and an occasional dolphin or manatee can be seen bordering the estuary.


The Snook Islands Restoration area is a magnificent example of Palm Beach County’s determination to restore the Lake Worth Lagoon to a quality recreation area.

Learn more about Kayak Lake Worth Rentals and Tours at the Snook Islands. Do you fish? Named for a fish, the Snook Islands offer a wonderful fishing experience too.

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